Position Paper on Supervisor Chiu’s Legislation to Legalize Home Sharing

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What is the Position Paper?

This document details our views on specific provisions of the Bill, together with our recommendations on how those provisions can be improved.  The Executive Summary provides a brief description of the nine principle amendments we urge the Supervisors to adopt.

How was it Produced?

The Position Paper is the result of a collaborative effort among around 20 Home Sharer members who volunteered to work on three Committees tasked with examining the effect of the Bill from the point of view of three groups of home sharers – landlords, tenants and single family home owners.  The Committees discussed electronically and met in person over a two week period.  Their separate reports were then incorporated into a draft Position Paper.  The draft was available online to all Home Sharers members during a week-long commentary period.  Comments and feedback during that commentary period were then considered and, if appropriate, incorporated into the final draft.

Position Paper on Supervisor Chiu’s Bill

If you have any questions about the Position Paper, please email homesharers@gmail.com

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