Home Sharers is an organization committed to supporting the community of those who host travelers in their homes, usually on a short-term basis. Home Sharers is located in San Francisco, and incorporated in the State of California, USA as a mutual benefit association. It has Chapters located in various cities.

We meet once a month to share, support, educate, discuss and disseminate information amongst ourselves on Home Sharing topics. In addition, we are hoping to present a united voice on issues that impact the Sharing Economy Movement and Home Sharing in particular, especially as they relate to policy formation and implementation in San Francisco.

Neither Home Sharers nor any of its officers is affiliated with, nor do they receive any financial support from any vacation rental website company.

If you would like to join Home Sharers of SF, just click on “Join Home Sharers” above and follow the simple steps.  Then, you can participate in discussions of mutual interest and also learn about our monthly meetups.

I hope to see you at a Home Sharers of San Francisco Meeting soon.

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